Memory Foam Mattress VS Hybrid Mattress

A good restful sleep is a pivotal component of your health and a fulfilled lifestyle. You can dream every night about the things you want most. You will only obtain those dreams if you are getting the restorative sleep you need. Fortunately, sleep products have improved greatly over the recent years, from economy mattresses to the highest quality sleep systems. Whether you have back issues, a tossing and turning bed partner, or you're just ready for an upgrade, you’re probably want to seek the better technologies available in memory foam or hybrid mattresses. There is no “one size fits all” in mattresses, so here is some information to help you find the most comfortable mattress for you.

Memory Foam Mattress

You have probably heard from friends and family that love memory foam mattresses, especially if they have back issues or alignment challenges. NASA researchers developed memory foam in the 1960s, to improve the cushioning for astronauts. Memory foam can be found in products anywhere from hospitals to shoes. Over the years, it has become most known for its performance in mattresses. Because memory foam conforms to your body uniquely, with a level of support, assisting in spinal alignment and shaping to your body in any position.

Most memory foam manufacturers will show a hand pushing into the mattress and result with dissolving handprint, which provides an accuracy of how the foam works. Memory foam mattresses, differ from the traditional spring mattress, offering the adaptive shaping of your body, a cradling effect for your back that keeps you supported and limits the need to move. This is accomplished with layers of memory foam that have various densities and feel to provide you support and comfort.

When first introduced into the market, memory foam mattresses were relatively simple in design and structure. However, they have evolved with more technology. Memory foam depends on body heat for the adaptive contouring effect, which may mean you might want to look for a mattress that has cooling properties in the foam as well if you tend to sleep hot.


Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are a combination of two or more support components. For some people, hybrid mattresses can offer the best of both worlds. That is primarily  the purpose. The hybrid mattress offer’s a little bit of traditional and newer technologies. Specialty foam layers combined with the push up support of innerspring design, giving you a good night’s restorative sleep. With the innerspring coils, you are getting the push back support, and the bounce back of a traditional mattress. The foam component may be memory foam, or latex to offer the adaptive contouring to your body. For people who want more freedom of movement and less recovery time, a hybrid mattress could be the upgrade of choice, providing a combination of technologies.

Most hybrid mattresses feature pocketed coils. Pocketed coils are individually wrapped in a sleeve of breathable fabric. Each pocket responds to pressure independently, resulting in less motion transfer than a traditional tied coil system. This also results in the ability of the coil system and foam to adapt to your shape while offering additional support.