Sleeping Comfort Level

Comfort Level
Do you prefer your mattress firm, cushion firm, medium, plush or ultra plush? What is the best comfort level for how you sleep? Do you sleep on your back, side, stomach, or a combination of positions?
Sleeping positions should be a main consideration in choosing which mattress you want to buy, in order to maintain proper spinal alignment.
The right mattress can reduce tossing and turning resulting in more time spent in Deep Sleep.
Side Sleepers
Side sleeping position, over 40% sleepers prefer this position. This position is much more curvier, pressure relief is important, because your shoulders and hips take strain every day for extended amounts of time. Sleeping on your side creates recessed areas between your body and your mattress. These areas require a mattress that will adapt to cradle your shape. This distributes weight evenly so pressure points don't cut off your circulation, reducing the need to toss and turn. Side sleepers should consider a mattress with a 2-4 inch comfort layer. This will also reduce numbing and soreness.
Back Sleepers
The position most recommended by Doctors. Sleeping on your back allows your head, neck, and spine to rest in a neutral position. Because of the curvature of the lumbar, a comfort layer is recommended to support that area, one may consider a cushion firm mattress, or a plush with good support for alignment. One consideration may be a latex mattress, being an elastic type of foam, it offers pressure relief and adaptable upward support, latex degrades less than 3% over 20 years. Another consideration would be a hybrid mattress, with memory foam or latex layered above individually wrapped coils that will give push up support. Some hybrids have both memory foam and latex.
Stomach Sleepers
Sleeping on one's stomach has always been the most discouraged position, with that said, people are going to sleep however they are the most comfortable. A firm mattress is recommended as not to hyper-extend the lower back.
Multiple Position Sleepers
The need to sleep in multiple positions during the night can be frustrating when it comes to purchasing a mattress. Multiple positions in itself could simply be an indicator that one needs a new mattress. Consider what position you are in when you wake up in the morning, this could most likely be the position you are getting your deep sleep in and would want to base a mattress purchase on.
Wallet Comfort
In addition to physical comfort, there is wallet comfort. Some are limited on either what they can afford, or what they are willing to budget on a mattress. This is why we have partnered with the manufacturers we have on our website, to offer access to better materials used in mattresses to promote longevity, and a better quality of sleep at a lower price.